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Terms and Conditions of Sale for Vacations, Tours
and any other travel package offered by the Company

Dated September 2016 Revision E dated May 10th 2022

Prepco Island Vacations

and Tours LLC

Herein known as the Company

Terms and Conditions of Sale for Vacations, Tours
and any other travel package offered by the Company

Dated September 2016 Revision E dated May 10th 2022

Terms and Conditions of Sales

for Vacations, Tours and any other travel package offered by the Company Dated September 2016 Revision E dated May 10th 2022


2. The Company strongly recommends that your travel plans are covered by Travel Insurance to give you peace of mind
that in the event of disruption prior to, during or after your travel, your travel insurance policy will provide reimbursement in part or in full for the following:
• Medical coverage and Cancelations
• Loss and or damage to luggage and any other personal items
• Travel changes and delays
• Accidents and personal injury
• Disruption to travel caused by inclement weather and any other causes beyond the control of the Company

Pricing of your packaged vacation will be assessed following your inquiry. We will communicate on your behalf with our
associate domestic and international airline company and hotels or other accommodations that match your requirements
within your inquiry.
Pricing will be dependent on currency exchange rates at the time of booking.
Air fares and other travel costs are subject to availability and change until ticketed. Unless otherwise requested or confirmed
Air Flights are based on non-refundable and non-transferrable Economy Class tickets and the Company is not responsible for
Airline changes in flight schedules which are beyond the control of the Company. In the event of Airline changes in the
proposed or booked flight schedules the Company will provide the practical and financial implications of any such changes and
the quoted package price changed accordingly be it an increase or decrease to the packaged vacation price.
All pricing shown on the Company Website, Brochures and other Sales and Marketing documentation are, (unless specifically
stated otherwise within the said documentation), subject to change until booked and ticketed.

The down payment confirmed within the offer provided by the Company will be required for pre-booking purposes and is
nonrefundable following a 7-day period. The remaining amount to be paid in full no less than 90 days prior to your departure
date together with any other fees stated herein.

Consequences associated with a delayed payment will be beyond the control of the Company and may require the Company to
re-negotiate on your behalf with third parties who are providing services for your vacation. A fee of $150.00 will be required for
any re-negotiation on your behalf but the Company cannot guarantee to restore your plans at the original quoted price once
your payment is received.

In the event of vacation changes and/or cancellation to vacation plans, we will negotiate on your behalf with our associate
domestic and international airline company, other travel service companies and the accommodation provider to establish, if
not already known, the financial implications of changes or cancellation. Cancellation within a period of 90 days before your
departure date is nonrefundable. Any changes with the 90 days period will be subject to availability and re-pricing.
In the event of changes or cancellations some airlines and other vendors/suppliers/providers may issue a voucher which can be
used during a period of up to 12 months from the original departure date and may be subject to availability and value at the
time of re-booking.

The Company reserves the right to charge a fee per occurrence of change or cancellation that are made following receipt of the
down payment. Fees will be based on the complexity of the change or cancellation and charged at $75.00 per hour and will be a
minimum of $75.00 per occurrence.
Cancellation by the Company may be implemented if payments are not received as stated in the above Terms of Payment.

The Company will endeavor to provide requirements for special needs such as physical or dietary needs , or any other needs
specified by the customer. The customer has final responsibility for ensuring that the special needs are satisfactory and

Errors, Omissions and Oversights are excluded from the Company website, brochures, advertisements, sales and marketing
material and all other documentation provided by the Company.

The Company shall not be responsible for cancellations, delays, or failure to perform resulting from causes beyond the control
of the Company, including but not limited to, acts of God, strikes or other labor disturbances, war, civil unrest, acts of terrorism,
riot, epidemics, floods, fires, unusually severe weather conditions, accidents, or other contingencies the non-occurrence of
which was a basic assumption on which a purchase order was made.
Upon receiving this hard copy please sign and add your name and date and return it to the Company
Alternatively, these Terms and Conditions of Sale can be seen and acknowledge on our website
On the home page of the website:
1. Click on ‘Make a payment’ found at the top righthand corner within the green bar
2. Scroll down and enter your name and email address
3. Click on ‘I agree to these terms
4. Tick in the box for ‘I’m not a robot
5. Click on Proceed to Payment.
6. If you are not making a payment, simply exit from the website at this point


Please agree to the terms, if requested