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At Prepco Travel™, we’re not just a travel company; we are your dedicated travel partners. Our team is a blend of passionate travel enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, united by a shared vision of delivering unparalleled travel experiences.

Behind every meticulously planned vacation package is our extraordinary team. We forge strong relationships with vendors, Trade Associations, and Tourism Boards to ensure that each holiday we craft is not just a trip but an experience that’s up-to-date, thoroughly researched, and risk-free. This close-knit collaboration allows us to bring factual, timely, and unique vacation solutions straight to you.

Meet The Guides

Our tour guides are the beating heart of your travel experience. More than guides, they are local connoisseurs and cultural ambassadors, each bringing a deep, personal understanding of the destinations. They are not just your guides; they are the key to unlocking authentic and unforgettable experiences, ensuring that every trip with us is tailored to your personal tastes and interests.

Chris Peak Cotswold Tour Guide

Chris Peak

Tour Guide Specialist
For the English Cotswold and surrounding areas

Fully licensed driver-guide<br />
Specialist areas: South East England<br />
Expertise: castles, stately homes, gardens, WW1 and WW2<br />
Qualifications and endorsements: Blue Badge Tourist Guide for South East of England, special endorsement to guide in Windsor Castle

Tanya Firth

Fully licensed driver-guide
Specialist areas: South East England

Castles, stately homes, gardens, WW1 and WW2

Qualifications and endorsements:
Blue Badge Tourist Guide for South East of England, special endorsement to guide in Windsor Castle

Louise West<br />
British Tour Guide Specialist<br />
For the Counties of<br />
Cornwall and Devon<br />

Louise West

British Tour Guide Specialist
For the Counties of Cornwall and Devon


At Prepco Travel™, our Marketing Team is the dynamic force behind our online presence, specializing in connecting us with the world through innovative digital strategies. With a keen understanding of the travel industry and a passion for storytelling, our team ensures that our bespoke tours in the British Isles and destination vacations around the globe are just a click away for the modern traveler.

From captivating social media campaigns that unveil the hidden gems of this planet to insightful online content that showcases the rich tapestry of history and culture, our Marketing Team is dedicated to creating immersive narratives that transport audiences to the heart of our custom tours. Their expertise not only amplifies our presence in the digital sphere but also keeps us at the forefront of the latest travel trends and customer preferences.

In partnership with our dedicated tour guides, the Marketing Team stands as a pillar of support, enriching the journey from the moment of discovery to the unforgettable experiences awaiting travelers on the shores of so many locations around the world. Together, they invite you to embark on a voyage of discovery, where every click brings you one step closer to the adventure of a lifetime

Susy Geissinger

Susy Geissinger

Digital Strategist

John Hayes

John Hayes

Local SEO/SEO Specialist

Renee Resnansky

Renee Resnansky

Social Media – Market Specialist

Noreen Corcoran

Social Media Manager -Instagram

Jean Horne

Little Acorn Media – Local Publishing




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