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GIFT CARD Terms and Conditions of Sale


Prepco Island Vacations

and Tours LLC

Herein known as the Company

Terms and Conditions of Sale for Vacations, Tours
and any other travel package offered by the Company

These terms and Conditions below supersede and replace all previous revisions. All previous revisions become null and void as of June 1st 2022.

Terms and Conditions of Sales

These terms and Conditions below supersede and replace all previous revisions. All previous revisions become null and void as of June 1st 2022.


The Purchaser of a Gift Card is herein referenced as the Purchaser or the Second Party
The Receiver of the Gift Card is herein known as the Third Party

GIFT CARD Compliance
Gift Cards are available from the Company and can be purchased at any value requested by the Purchaser. Value being with zero cents.

In accordance with the National Conference of State Legislations (NCSL) it is stated :
Quote: In 2009, Congress passed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which set consumer protections for gift cards based on many state laws. The law provides that gift cards cannot expire within five years from the date they were activated and generally limits inactivity fee on gift cards except in certain circumstances, such as if there has been no transaction for at least 12 months. The federal law creates a floor for regulation and leaves room for state regulation on redeeming gift cards for cash and unclaimed property provisions. Un-Quote.

Accordingly, Gift Cards issued by the Company comply with the 2009 statement issued by Congress above and therefore are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

 GIFT CARD Submission

Upon the Third Party submission of the Gift Card, the value will be subject to State and Federal Laws current at the time of submission.

At the time of submission, the Third Party must provide by email at

  1. The name of the Third Party
  2. The Gift Card value
  3. The Gift Card number
  4. The name of the Purchaser

The Company reserves the right to contact the Purchaser to establish conformity.

If the said details comply with the Gift Card details held by the Company, the card must be returned to the Company

If the said details do not match or comply with the said details held by the Company, the Gift Card may be rejected.

The Gift Card will be taken at face value and used as part or full payment as requested by the Third Party.

The Gift Card is not subject to increases or decreases in value associated with any external inflation or deflation rates since the issue of the Gift Card

The Gift Card can be used only towards the purchase of any Tour, Destination Vacation or any one or more Items sold by the Company.


Upon submission of the Gift Card for use towards a Tour or Destination Vacation provided by the Company the Third Party must acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale issued by the Company by visiting www.prepcotravel .com and clicking on ‘Make a Payment’ and completing the agreement.


1. Click on ‘Make a payment’ found at the top right-hand corner within the green bar
2. Scroll down and enter your name and email address
3. Click on ‘I agree to these terms
4. Tick in the box for ‘I’m not a robot
5. Click on Proceed to Payment.
6. If you are not making a payment, simply exit from the website at this point


Please agree to the terms, if requested