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Health Passport

Your Health Passport designed with Health, Safety and Security in mind.

Use it for your COVID-19 Test results and Vaccine Immunization details.

Health Passport

The Health Passport comes with a plastic cover and a pocket to keep your vaccine cards.

Many countries are now requesting evidence of COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing for Negative results.

Your Health Passport is a lifeline and a MUST for all traveling needs both International and Domestic. Keep it with you wherever you go. You never know when you may need urgent care or when a Doctor is called due to sudden illness or an accident. Your Health Passport is a valuable life-saving document when the unexpected happens.

Using security paper for the internal 14 pages, your Health Passport is used for:

  1. ) A record of mandatory vaccines
  2. ) Showing a record of your tests for COVID19
  3. ) A record of all other immunizations that are necessary for increased health and protection, for example, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, Ebola, Typhoid, Cholera, Polio, Tetanus, Measles, Shingles, MMR and many more.
  4. ) A record all your regular medications, even if it’s only aspirin. Taking blood thinners can be important life-saving information to a Doctor who is called to assist with an accident.
  5. ) A record your blood group
  6. ) A record of any medical contraindication to a vaccination or medication. (A medical reason why a vaccination or medicine cannot be administered because of a health risk and/or bodily reaction).

Contents includes but not limited to:
Your information – Instructions for travelers and Physicians – Information for travelers – International Certificate of Vaccination – Other Immunizations – Medical Contraindication – Health History – Medications. Your Health Passport has been prepared by the Health and Safety Department at Prepco Travel using advice and assistance from the Nations Health Protection Agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) with the approval of WHO (the World Health Organization)

A company caring for your health and safety wherever you go

Health Passport Prices

*Prices include a clear vinyl wallet plus packing and shipping costs

For Quantities greater than 10 (ten), please Email: or call 330 284 4709 for assistance.

Additional Option:

Pre-printing of your name and other details (see below) $10.96 per Health Passport.

Document Example

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Health Passport provided pre-printed with your details.